What are the benefits of advertising with School Guide?

  1. An increase in visitors to your website, including ​​frequen​t requests for your prospectus ​
  2. An increased number of parents attending your Open Day events
  3. An upgraded page on School Guide that quickly 和 effectively sells the key benefits of your school to parents comparing schools in your area
  4. Your school is featured on Mumsnet, our partner site

What do schools say?

“Our last Open Event was amazingly busy so many thank. We are sure your website played a role in our best ever attendance.  We are big fans of School Guide 和 the Headmistress is very impressed with the activity – especially social media – so please keep it going with adding stories 和 promoting our school.”

Head of Marketing, Bromley High School, GDST

10 ways we upgrade your page to engage parents

  1. High visibility website link on your address section

  2. School video link

  3. Prospectus Request 调用 to Action

  4. Promotion of your Open Days on your page 和 across our social media channels with 10k subscribers. +! Direct listing of your Admissions Office

  5. Large 调用 to Action buttons on your page with hyperlinks to your school website

  6. Rich unique editorial that parents love 和 helps your school rank highly on Search Engine Results (#1 on Google)

  7. Promo banners locked to your page (so no other school gets a look in on your page)

  8. Meet the Head interview – a great way to communicate your school ethos

  9. News stories that help share the good news 和 hard work at your school

  10. Gold Featured Listing - lock your school at top of our popular local league tables

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