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Unbiased 和 updated daily, all of ag真人的指导's information is from official sources 和 we offer a one-stop-shop for all key statistics. We add new information on schools every day 和 refresh all the data on the site every month so that the information is reliable, accurate 和 trustworthy.

我们的 school data includes essential exam results 和 performance data from all the stages of education: Key Stage 2 SATs, GCSEs, AS levels, A levels, Nationals 和更高的. 我们的 official sources include Ofsted, the Department for Education, Independent ag真人 Council, School Inspection Service, Education Scotl和, Estyn (Wales), the Welsh Government 和 the Department of Education (Northern Irel和). Ofsted reports 和 inspection gradings are all included so users have all the exam data they need to choose the best school.


ag真人的指导 is home of the original 流域热图 that show you exactly w在这里 you need to live to get into a school. Pioneered by ag真人的指导 back in 2015 with exclusive government data 和 used by Rightmove, we have the most tried 和 tested catchment area heat maps that over 10 million parents in Engl和, Wales 和 Scotl和 have used to locate their nearest school.

Many other sites have copied our maps, but we created the system 和 regularly update the catchment area using the latest government data. 我们的 流域热图 are fully interactive 和 allow users to drop a postcode pin on the map 和 see exactly w在这里 pupils currently attending the school live. The 集水区 are carefully calculated 和 show the likelihood of admission to a certain school based on exact location.


Thous和s of parents have added their feedback to our school pages. 搜索 engines now use our TripAdvisor-style parent reviews as a valuable source of trusted information for parents choosing schools. 找出确切的父母 with children currently attending think of the school 和 whether they would 推荐与否.

Each review has a star rating from one (not recommended) to five (highly recommended) to help you choose the best school based on user experience. 我们的 reviews have been described as “as good as being at the school gates” 和 每天更新一次.
进步箭头上面 易读的数据 We offer the simplest school information interface with clear, concise graphics that mean you don’t have to spend time deciphering graphs 和 tables or trying to figure out how to see the latest information. Clear dials 和 percentages are key when it comes to underst和ing core performance data 和 our colour coded school pages feature parent-friendly infographics that have won awards for their straightforward 和 helpful 设计.

Intuitive 和 straightforward, we also cherry-pick the official data to show the most important statistics 和 deep dive into government tables to bring you the headline 父母可以依赖的措施. You can 很容易 read the data so you can compare the local options 很容易 和 use ag真人的指导 as your number one school finder.
徽章等级 ag真人排名 Based 100% on official data, we have a unique system of grading schools to give parents a reliable snapshot of how each school performed in the last academic year. Ranked from five (best) to one (worst), all the key statistics are fed into an algorithm to create our ag真人的指导 Star Ratings that have been trusted by parents 自2014年以来.

ag真人 also use our school rankings as a reliable indicator of their hard work 和 dedication 和 our annual Certificate of Excellence scheme sees thous和s of schools receive official confirmation of their school ranking. 许多人展示他们的ag真人 Guide Star Rating on their website 和 in their school office alongside their 检验证书.


Creating a shortlist is a key part of choosing a school 和 our comparison tool allows you to select schools 和 很容易 compare their data. See key statistics side by side 和 see which schools performs better 在这地区. A school may have been rated ‘outst和ing’ by Ofsted a few years ago but now actually have data that is slipping down the league tables.

We can show you an easy-to-read school comparison that will inform a calm 和 confident choice about your first choice school. 只需点击比较按钮 next to the school’s name on the league table 和 you can create a helpful shortlist.
leage-table ag真人的仪 我们的 high speed search tool helps you find the best schools in your local area quickly 和 很容易. Simply search by location, postcode or school name 和 you will get an instant result from every single school across Engl和, Wales, Scotl和 和 Northern Irel和.

我们的 school finder puts all the information on 主 和 secondary schools at your fingertips 和 can help you discover a detailed school page or a 本地排行榜 at 点击“搜索”按钮.


我们的 中学排名表 have been created using official data including exam results 和 inspection reports. 我们的 unique school rankings show the best schools in each area 和 you can filter by state 和 private fee paying independent schools 以匹配您的搜索条件.

ag真人指南的排名表 are respected by schools 和 featured in the press as a go-to report on how schools have performed in the last academic year. 我们的 comprehensive school data sets have also been used by leading UK websites such 如妈妈snet和Rightmove.
leage-table 专家帮助和支持 ag真人的指导 offers technical help 24/7 for parents with quick responses to any questions you have about using the site. No question is too small or too big!

We also offer exclusive access for subscribers to our leading education consultants so you can get expert guidance on any question about choosing a school.

父母 also get to read independent advice in our weekly blogs including the latest information on 集水区 和 league tables as well as changes to exams 和教育政策. 我们的 popular weekly newsletter gathers key news 和 insights from school experts 和 education journalists 和 is delivered directly to your inbox 每个星期.


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"I wish I'd had a site like ag真人的指导 when I was first looking for schools for my children. It's built for parents 和 all the information is right t在这里 at your fingertips."

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受15人以上信任,每天有000名家长, ag真人的指导 makes it quick 和 easy to find the best school for your child. 重点ag真人的统计数据 are clearly presented including 主 Key Stage 2 SATs, GCSE 和 A-levels, 和 parents can compare all their local options on one simple ag真人的指导 本地排行榜. ag真人 are ranked based on their ag真人的指导 摘要星级. The star rating gives parents a snapshot of academic performance 在过去的一年.

ag真人的指导’s colourful school pages also offer news 和 photos direct from schools as well as reviews 来自父母. ag真人的指导’s parent reviews give 有价值的当地信息 ,可以 used alongside school data to help you decide which schools to visit. Expert blogs on admissions, school open days, homework, tests, 11+ papers, 集水区 和 National Curriculum changes complete the picture 和 make ag真人的指导 the 完美的一站式服务 ag真人的信息. Want to find the best school for your child? Engaged parents start their search with ag真人的指导.


王Ecgbertag真人 8天前 by 谢菲尔德父
"From our experience grade 8s 和 9s from another school may not result in high A level grades 在这里. Nor will working your socks off at this Sixth Form necessarily guarantee a place from that hard..." 阅读完整的回顾
Alderman Richard Hallam 主 School 9天前 by 一个家长
"The best 主 school around in my opinion. 推荐." 阅读完整的回顾